We haul organic milk

PL Weaver is an organic milk hauler based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We pick up milk from local farms and transport it to dairy processors up and down the eastern seaboard. Our record stands alone as the largest milk hauler in the area; we have first-rate safety and testing procedures that ensure the product remains in premium condition. Our drivers receive special training in taking samples and we re-calibrate our equipment more frequently than any hauler in the area. We also provide excellent customer service and rapid response.

The PL Weaver Difference

Early one summer morning, a farmer called us in a panic. He had work being done at his farm and needed his milk picked up in the next two hours. Our team jumped into action, and we were able to meet his need and pick up his milk with time to spare so his day could continue on schedule. This is the kind of customer service we take pride in here at PL Weaver

We Proudly Haul Milk from Over 300+ Local Farms to Regional Dairies